Men Oh is based in Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku, and currently operates 12 locations all over Japan. We serve authentic Tokushima Ramen, which is unique for three reasons. First, since Tokushima is known for its pig farming, we have access to lots of pork bones so our soup is very rich & savory. Second, it includes Butabara (stir-fried pork belly) as a topping. (In Japan, we offer this in place of the traditional Chashu simmered pork, but here in the US, we provide both!) Third, we offer the option of adding a raw egg for those who would like additional complexity to the soup. Additionally, in Tokushima, many of our customers like to enjoy their Ramen with a bowl of white rice, and when they are finished with the noodles, they pour the leftover soup over the rice. You can enjoy our Ramen in many ways!

徳島ラーメン麺王は四国・徳島県を中心に、全国12箇所に展開しております。徳島ラーメンの特徴は大きく三つ。 一つ目は、徳島県は養豚産業が盛んであり、贅沢に豚骨が使える為、コッテリと深みのある豚骨スープが地元で定着したこと。二つ目は、通常、チャーシューの代わりに炒めた豚バラがトッピングされること。(米国では何と豚バラとチューシューを両方トッピング!)三つ目は、ラーメンの上に生卵をかけること。 更に、徳島では、ラーメンをご飯のおかずとして召し上がるお客様が多く、そこから発展したのが、残ったスープをご飯にかけて召し上がって頂く「ラーメン茶漬け」。様々な形で当店のラーメンを楽しんで頂けます!